Cherie De Gomez, a friend and co-worker since 1996
Dear Mr. Johnson,
Seelam Reddy and I have been co-workers and personal friends for the better part of 15 years. Through that time, I have come to know his character and his work ethic which are both beyond reproach. I worked as a personal assistant to the head of Information Technology at Hughes Aircraft Company and then also at The Boeing Company. Seelam was always held in high esteem and was often selected to work on projects that were vital to our company. I remember as far back as the Year 2000 project that he was hand selected to assure the company’s success. Since then, he was chosen consistently to work on valuable data intensive projects.
His care and concern for people is always evident as he judiciously knows when and how to exert his influence properly, weighing the situation’s outcome based upon both fact and feeling, using both his intuition and wisdom.

I strongly believe he would make an outstanding city councilmen and that you should seriously consider his candidacy.

Sincere Regards,

Cherie de Gomez

Irfan Patthan, a VMware R&D Engineer
To: bjohnson@paweekly.com
To the folks of Palo Alto Weekly,
I am writing today to share my professional experience with Seelam Reddy. I met Seelam while working at VMware, Inc where he was one of the Project Managers dealing with Acquisitions & Mergers and also leading other projects. I work in the Data Center so any Acquisitions or Relinquishment of Companies that had their systems in the Data Center we were the group to get them IN our OUT.
Mr. Reddy would contact us weeks and sometimes even months in advance to give us a heads up that we should be expecting hardware in or systems would be leaving the Data Center. He gave us adequate time to prepare and helped us out in the whole planning process and making sure we had enough information. When we didn’t have enough information he would set up meetings between the parties which could provide the information and whoever needed it to eliminate the amount of back and forth going on. During his time at VMware, Mr. Reddy helped make the process very smooth and completed his tasks professionally. While working on these processes I got to know Seelam more on a personal level and have kept in touch with him and consider him to be a great asset in both the professional and personal world.

– Irfan

Mark Goldhamer
William S. Johnson
Publisher, Palo Alto Weekly
I am a former coworker of Seelam Reddy during his employment in the Information Technology department at Boeing. He was the project manager for the acquisition of Frontier Systems, an unmanned helicopter company, and I was the technical subject matter expert assigned to integrate the IT aspects of the company into Boeing. We worked with each other on other projects as well, but an acquisition tends to be the kind of work where every type of unknown pops up when you least expect it and I got to see Seelam handle them all in a competent and efficient manner.
I could talk about other work situations, but I’d like to relate one of my own experiences in running for office because it touches on how Seelam’s candidacy will be considered.
In 1992 I ran for Fountain Valley school board. We had issues at that time with how closed schools would be handled…..whether to build houses on those sites, etc. We also had issues about at what grade the district would identify children for the Gifted And Talented program. And we had a problem assistant superintendent who the teachers were unhappy with because she publicly lied about more than one issue. The teachers union agreed with my positions on all the issues but would not endorse me even though they only partially agreed with the views of the candidates that they did endorse.

Their reason for not endorsing me was that they didn’t think I was going to put up a serious campaign because I publically stated that I would not be posting lawn signs (Fountain Valley already bans signs on public areas). In the end, the endorsed candidates won, though I was only a few hundred votes behind. The endorsements, not the lawn signs were a big factor. I walked most of the district prior to the election and actually had people tell me that even though they agreed more with my positions on the key issues, they were going with the teacher’s endorsements.
So, please look at Seelam’s positions and decide if that is what you want or not….your endorsement will matter.
Mark Goldhamer