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Palo Alto Life

Please elect Sea (Seelam) Reddy for Palo Alto City Council


  1. I am for ‘openness and transparent governance’. No more hidden agendas.
  2. No tall building that are eye sores; keep/make Palo Alto a Green city.
  3. Beautify Palo Alto and respect our trees.
  4. I am for innovation; design/implement technology to solve our transportation, health care and school issues.
  5. No new taxes; strive to lower taxes; not raise taxes.
  6. Not many new laws- use existing; Smart spending; controlled and careful growth; fix pot holes; paint street signs.
  7. Solve traffic problems; goal is zero deaths on our Palo Alto roads. Implement innovative methods for transporting our young children, college students, and seniors. ·
  8. Keep the spirit of Palo Alto that we know; invite new innovators like Theranos, VMware and other that are around us.
  9. No projects that lower the quality of neighborhood and property values. Keep our town cleaner; remove trash -fines for littering. Refurbish old buildings and use innovative energy
  10. Make Palo Alto ‘the best city it can be in USA’ for this size of town.

A Boeing/Hughes retiree-BE Mechanical, MS Industrial Engineering

Studied under Peter Drucker@ Claremont Graduate School.



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