Candidacy Questionaire

Palo Alto Neighborhoods (PAN)
2014 General Questions for City Council Candidates
and Preparation for October 2nd Candidates Forum Preparation
Date: August 13, 2014
2014 Candidate for the Palo Alto City Council:
As we have done prior to recent city council elections, PAN is asking 2014 city council candidates to submit written answers to a series of questions prior to the PAN Election Forum we will host on Thursday evening, October 2, in the city council chambers. Your written answers to these questions along with those received from the other candidates will be posted verbatim on our web site and therefore provide information across common topic areas to the voters.
The year, as a both a means to inform votes as well as provide candidates more direction with regard to the forum’s content, we have prepared a general question or question set in each of four areas. The four areas are:
Quality of Life,
Confidence in Government
The general questions are below.
For you responses to be posted and in their entirety, we need the following:
1. Your responses to all 4 questions submitted to us within a single Microsoft Word file.
2. The response to each section is to be no more than 600 words. If any response is longer, it will be cut after 600 words.
3. The deadline for us to receive your responses via email with attachment is September 12. It should be sent to the following email address:
4. Note that the answers in your Word file will be published verbatim. PAN will not edit or reformat any submitted material. We will merely convert it to HTML (web) format and publish it on our web site under the appropriate heading and page.
The responses from all candidates will posted at the same time, shortly after the September 12 submission deadline.
Thank you in advance for your effort in providing responses to the four general questions below and your participation in the October 2 forum.
Once again, note that the deadline for receipt of your answers is September 12.
Sheri Furman
PAN Chair

PAN General Questions for 2014 City Council Candidates
1. Development
Sea Reddy Plan
1. Palo Alto has grown too fast and the development is out of control. City Council cannot have backroom deals and they need to fess up and stop deals with big builders and businesses
2. Palo Alto is heaven on earth. Do not change it. Work to maintain good life we have.
3. Make ‘big builders’ to leave town.
4. MOROTORIUM on new buildings until we assess and absorb what we have.
6. As a council member, with the powers I have; I will seek people’s input to replace/train the Palo Alto staff to deny any new tall buildings, deny buildings that will be eye sore, deny building proposals that do have enough distance open to the road.
7. Solve Traffic problem and congestion problem; Work innovatively to move people around.
8. We need good landscape in front of the buildings. Nurture clean/small and less crowded/pleasing/intelligent/art appreciative/youth learning businesses. Get rid of bars/rowdy places that litter our town


2. Quality of Life
Quality of life in Palo Alto means to Sea Reddy
1. Have great pre-K, elementary,, middle and high schools; all levels including university
2. Aim for low crime/no crime and the best city for walking in our neighborhoods
3. Have plenty of jobs/opportunities
4. Welcoming to retirees/elderly
5. Welcoming to our youth/children; lot of art and after school program
6. Address traffic congestion; this is a big problem; work to resolve it
7. Keep our Palo Alto trees and nurture them; do not cut the trees
8. Good child care for our young families
9. Good access to hospitals and doctors
10. Innovate and Innovate like VMware, TESLA and THERNOS; inviting to start-ups
1. Traffic
2. Too much building construction
3. Sneaky building development without transparency
4. City Council not representing citizens wishes
5. Lack of Accountability
6. Lack of Integrity

Recovery plan
1. Be TRANSPARENT, OPENNESS is a MUST – no more backroom deals
2. STOP/LIMIT GROWTH (businesses and multi-units)
3. Work to solve traffic issues; create bike friendly
4. Fight for Palo Alto we all love by not messing it up. Respect trees, environment, and keep it small
5. Bikers and Car drives harmony
6. Seek out to come up with innovative people mover solutions like the TUBE in London or work with Stanford. We accommodate when they have big events; they need to work with us


3. Confidence in Government (600 words or less)
Sea Reddy plan
1. Be confident and represent Palo Alto citizens wishes
2. Work with STANFORD and have mutual regard
3. Work with businesses to come up with innovative solutions
4. Be tough; demand more; and do not be wimpy
5. Be connected with local, county, state and federal leaders, planners
6. Fight for Palo Alto to be beautiful and retain to be what it is
7. Be smart and innovative in proposing and obtaining funds for innovative projects
4. Finances

Sea Reddy plan
1. Be sensitive to the economy and create business friendly environment to generate revenues without compromising our ‘Palo Alto’ quality of life. We are not for money; we have it already
2. Work to keep the revenues same or slightly higher 5%. It is not my intent to increase revenues and I will not compromise the quality of life for money. We are serving the community; not a business to make money.
3. Cut out unneeded CONSULTANTS and STUDIES that take too long
4. Be tough; run it like a company/corporation with deadlines; no delays; fire people when they do not perform.
5. Refurbish aged buildings with ENERGY EFFICEINT solutions; Upgrade our old buildings to look aesthetic and pleasing to have Palo Alto look. Beautify south Palo Alto.
6. Fight for Palo Alto to continue to be beautiful.
7. Palo Alto to be as clean and as nice as we have known;
8. Propose $500 fine as a second offense (first offense – a warning) for littering; We want a Singapore like
9. I propose no new taxes; lower taxes for businesses that are Innovative
10. Get back to 5 day work week and no 9/80. We need to be there all five days for our businesses
11. Palo Alto is the one of the best places to live; do not mess it up; Work hard to make it the best place on earth.